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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Color Blindness Test

Color blindness is a disorder caused by the inability of the eye cone cells to capture a specific color spectrum due to genetic factors.
Color blindness is generally caused due to heredity. Other causes include eye nerve damage due to accident or congenital birth. According to one study 5-8% of men and 0.5% of women are born color blind. And 99% of people with color blindness, including dichromacy protanopia and deuteranopia (green dysfunction). So whether you're also color blind?
Color blindness is a genetic disorder / congenital handed down from parents to children, it often also disebaut kelinan sex linked, because the disorder brought by kromosm X. This means that the Y chromosome does not carry color-blind factor. This is what distinguishes between people with color blindness in men and women. seoronga women have the term 'bearer characteristics' This shows there is one X chromosome that carries the nature of color blindness. Women with carrier properties, physically not experience kelalinan color blind as normal women in general. But women with potentially derive the nature of color-blind factor to his future. 
Here's a picture to color blindness test.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Creating Installation Windows 7 / Vista from USB flash

Usually the process of installing Windows 7 or Vista done via DVD with DVD-ROM / RW. But now with so many netbook or laptop that does not include DVD-ROM, people sometimes confused how to install it. The solution is to make the installation of Windows 7 or Vista into a USB flash drive (USB Drive). To make it we can use free software setup from USB.
Setup from USB is a free software (open source) which is intended to make installing windows 7 or Vista into a USB Flash drive. So Flashdrive Bootable and this becomes easier the installation process for users who have a netbook or laptop without a DVD-ROM / DVD-RW.

Step Making Bootable USB
To create a bootable USB that contains the installation of Windows 7 or Windows Vista, set the flash size of at least 4GB. next, download and install it first SetupFromUSB (4.8 MB). Once downloaded, extract the zip file and run setup.exe. Furthermore, the manufacturing as follows:
1. Run the Setup program From USB

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